About Lavington Montessori

Our Method

This a child-centered alternative educational method for children, based on theories of child development originated by Italian educator Maria Montessori.

Our Program

Our curriculum at Lavington Montessori Kindergarten is based on the Montessori Method of Early Childhood Education. The apparatus makes learning fun and easy. It includes language and vocabulary development, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, science, Bible, art, music, physical education, personal developmental skills and manners, self grooming, and care of the environment.

Our Environment

Our classrooms are clean, light and attractive with separate facilities for each subject and the materials are didactic which help develop the child holistically. They are also easily accessible on open shelves for the children to work with. Our class size ranges between 10 – 12 children per class with a teacher and assistant at all times, thus providing an excellent learning environment for the children. The Montessori Method aims to improve concentration, attention span & body control.

Outdoor Environment

We offer a conducive environment for your child’s education by providing the following:

•Large outdoor playing area with Swimming pools.
•Playground equipment to develop large motor skills, e.g. swings and Climbing equipment.
•Grass and a Large Sand Pit all surrounded by beautiful trees.
•Mini Tennis, Ballet, Horse Riding, Monkeynastix, Taekwondo, French & Piano. (Options for 4+ year olds all at an extra cost).
•Music, Dance & Movement and P.E. Lessons.

Our Play Group

Despite introducing structured learning at two and a half years in our kindergaten environment, we strongly believe that life is all about learning. By simply observing others, life allows us to experience independence, freedom, self discipline and obedience. With activities such as painting, musical stories, rhymes & poems, language is developed through play, care of oneself and the environment for as early as 18 months. In addition, sharing and respect is learnt while socializing. It's simply never too early to experience this form of learning.

Optional extra classes

The following classes are currently offered at an extra cost for children over 4 years of age:-

Mini Tennis, Ballet, Horse Riding, Monkeynastix, Taekwondo, French & Piano,Swimming for all children and is done twice a week at our school swimming pool. For those interested in after school lessons, kindly get in touch with the school office.

Placement Policies

Children are accepted on a termly basis which is determined by
1). Availability of space
2). Suitability of our school programme for each child.
At Lavington Montessori Kindergarten, we provide Montessori education to children ages 2½ - 6 of all races, religion, ethnic or national origin.

Playground Time

This is an extremely important time in your child's day. This is when children work on the development of their large muscles, building coordination and strength. This is also a time when they can practise their social skills by choosing from a variety of activities: swinging, sliding, running, climbing, playing in the sand box, and participating in imaginary play.
Playing here is great fun!

Music and Movement

Here we have circle time, where songs are introduced, finger play, and movement activities. We also bring out simple instruments like drums, triangles, tambourines to accompany songs. Music is a wonderful way for children to be exposed to and practise using language.

School Transport

We offer transport for our children. our mission is to ensure that our children receive safe, clean, and timely transportation to and from school. Transport fee is based on individual routes an parents are encouraged to discuss this with the administration.

Potty Training

We have an age appropriate schedule that includes a gentle guidance into potty training. We use positive reinforcement to encourage training and proper hygiene.